Missing Natural Teeth And The Best Replacement Option

Losing a natural tooth is tough as it causes physical as well as psychological problems together. It takes away the charm of your smile and dents the glow of facial aesthetics. Your overall personality too gets a hit and this is how your confidence goes for a toss. You start evading the very people you loved spending time with as you now fear of cutting a sorry figure in front of them. You prefer staying in at the home for all day long and for weeks in order to cut down the embarrassment which might be caused to you.

You face problems in eating and speaking and all this becomes too much to bear after a while. You are left with no option but to cave in and you do with all hopes lost. Well, the scenario is changed now courtesy the advancements dental technology has made over the years. Everything can be fixed and the case of missing natural tooth is not even grave in nature. It’s quite common and in fact, you must have seen nannies or grand pas or grand mas wearing those dentures and taking them off & off at will. You needn’t do that!

Rather, implants are available which are considered the best available dental prosthetics in the market. They are considered the second best thing to natural teeth which speaks volume about them. They are the most popular and most trusted replacement for a missing or lost natural tooth. Their worldwide popularity emanates from their ability to look and feel exactly like the natural tooth. Even better, they are a durable and life-long solution and in most cases, outliving even the patients. They are a one-time investment as once fitted, they can go on till you go on, literally!

Further, getting the missing teeth replaced with dental implants is truly a safe and harmless exercise in which dental structure is not harmed in any way possible. Unlike dentures or bridges, there is no restriction on the kind of foods you can eat after having implants. So, be it sticky food items or hard ones, you are good to go foe whatever that crosses the mind. Even better, maintaining oral hygiene with implants are as effortless as it is with natural teeth and this ensures healthy teeth and gums for longer. Even the level of comfort feels the same as your natural teeth would offer!


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