Children's Dentistry

Our Budgewoi Dental team takes pride in caring for the teeth of the upcoming generation. We know how important it is to instil proper oral hygiene habits from childhood, and we strive to provide outstanding patient education to every child who visits us. We want to help every young patient achieve excellent oral health through regular dental visits and an efficient oral hygiene routine at home. 

When Should a Child Visit the Dentist?

We encourage parents to begin dental visits at an early age. With early visits, our warm and friendly dental team can build a good relationship with your child, which can benefit them for years to come.

Early visits also allow us to monitor your child’s oral health as they grow, from that very first tooth until adulthood. If we notice any developing dental issues as your child matures, we can quickly intervene, which usually allows us to use more conservative treatment methods.

Gentle and Comfortable Children’s Dentistry 

Our Budgewoi team understands that visiting the dentist is a frightening experience for some people, especially children. To make our youngest patients more comfortable during their dental visits, we provide gentle, friendly care in a welcoming environment. 

We use modern technology to our advantage, providing in-chair entertainment as a pleasant distraction for our patients. With stereo-sound earplugs and Netflix, children can relax and enjoy a show while they receive dental care. 

In some cases, we can use Penthrox, a hand-held medical inhaler, for its calming effects and ability to reduce pain. If your child is anxious about a dental visit or procedure, let us know to discuss this option with you. 

Orthodontic Treatment in Budgewoi

As children grow, they may need orthodontic treatment to maintain a healthy, functional smile that is not crooked or misaligned. 
Orthodontic treatment can correct issues like:

  • An underbite or overbite
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overcrowding

At Budgewoi Dental, we provide conventional dental braces and other orthodontic treatments to help your child create a beautiful smile that’s properly aligned. 

Motivating Excellent Oral Health

To keep your child motivated to maintain top-notch oral health, we offer a Bravery Award to celebrate their oral health achievements and bravery during dental visits. We genuinely enjoy treating children and want them to like visiting us for dental care.

Our Bravery Award, which includes a small gift, gives needed encouragement and confidence to children, so we love offering it. 

Your Budgewoi Children’s Dentist 

We enjoy getting to know the young patients who visit us at Budgewoi Dental, and we would love to get to know your little one. Dr Sanjeev Mishra and Dr Hooman Atai provide excellent dental care to children, including orthodontic treatment. With our range of children’s dentistry services, we can set your child up to enjoy fantastic oral health and an attractive smile over a lifetime.

To make your child’s basic dental care as affordable as possible, we recommend that you check your child’s eligibility for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. To see if your child is eligible, we invite you to call our clinic or contact Medicare.