Dental Crowns and Bridges

At Budgewoi Dental, your oral health is our top priority. We want to protect your natural teeth whenever possible, and when you have lost teeth, we want to replace them to make your oral health the best it can be. 

With dental crowns and bridges in Budgewoi, we can accomplish better oral health and more, helping you create a smile that’s beautiful, functional, and healthy. 

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a protective cap that fits over a damaged or decayed tooth, sealing it off and functionally replacing it, so you can keep the natural tooth structure while enjoying a new appearance and stronger oral health. Without a dental crown, a damaged or severely decayed tooth may require extraction, so crowns offer dentists the opportunity to save many natural teeth. 

When a tooth has a chip, fracture, or large cavity, our Budgewoi dentists may recommend a full porcelain or porcelain over metal dental crown to strengthen and protect it. We may also recommend a dental crown after a root canal procedure, which can weaken the structural integrity of a tooth. If so, we will match the colour of the dental crown to your natural teeth so that it blends right into your smile. 

We can usually complete a dental crown procedure in just two visits. The first visit includes an initial assessment of your dental situation, where we discuss whether a dental crown is right for you. If our dentists decide a dental crown is the correct course of action, and you agree, we may trim the tooth during this appointment to prepare it for a crown fitting and take impressions before placing a temporary crown over it. We will send the impressions we take to a lab, and the lab will create your custom crown. 

The next step occurs once your final crown is created. At that point, we will book another visit to remove your temporary crown and place your final crown over the tooth, ensuring a perfect fit and appearance before permanently attaching the crown to the tooth.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge can replace a missing tooth or missing teeth. Also known as a fixed partial denture, a bridge spans a gap between your natural teeth, attaching to your remaining natural teeth or to dental implants for support. 

If we use your remaining natural teeth for support, we often place crowns over them to strengthen and protect them. 

Bridges can restore function and oral health while completing your fantastic smile.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

To maintain your oral health and the function of your bite, it’s essential to replace missing teeth. With teeth missing, your remaining teeth can begin to drift, leading to bite misalignment. Your jawbone can also begin to atrophy without the stimulation provided by the roots of your teeth. 

If you’re interested in a tooth replacement option other than a dental bridge, dental implants are often a great choice, and they help preserve your jawbone. For questions about tooth replacement, we invite you to contact Budgewoi Dental.

Tooth Restoration in Budgewoi

Our experienced Budgewoi dentists, Dr Sanjeev Mishra or Dr Hooman Atai, provide excellent tooth restorations to patients, and we’d love to help you restore your damaged or missing teeth. We welcome your phone call to book your appointment.